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Affinity Groups | Ovation Leadership

Affinity Groups

Why…Affinity Group Coaching

The success of Executive Business Coaching has prompted a question from rising stars, ranging from Middle Managers to Senior Leaders.  “Can the principles of business advisory coaching be applied in a group setting?”  “Absolutely” says Steve Riege, President of Ovation Leadership.  “Group coaching can link professionals together to make their work more effective. This Affinity Group Coaching should include peers with a common interest or people from different organizations who want to collaborate to increase effectiveness, through the sharing of lessons learned, best practices, and create efficiencies through shared knowledge.”

Leveraging…The Power Of Peers

There are significant reasons why leveraging the power of peers through group affinity coaching works.  When working within a group, participants share their best practices for mutual and common benefit. As a result, great ideas are quickly integrated.  When working within an affinity group, participants tend to manage change quickly and respond with less delay. Therefore, change happens more smoothly and with less chaos.

When working within a coaching group, company and organizational initiatives can be reached more easily. As a result, the bottom line is positively impacted.  When working within a facilitated group, hundreds of years of combined wisdom from the participants accelerate the transfer of knowledge. When this happens, each participant reaches their goals faster.

Affinity Group Coaching is characterized by common goals and experiences, networking, collegiality, multiple perspectives on problem-solving, shared encouragement and accountability, and the opportunity to help others. The keys to success are the chemistry of the group composition, the confidential trusting environment, and interaction driven by engaging exercises and a professional facilitator/leader.

Features of the Rare Leader Forum™

Our varied experiences over many years, and our careful research on Affinity Groups have helped us design successful group experiences.  While each group begins to take on its own “personality”, the core curriculum, meeting agenda, and experiences of the Facilitator ensures adherence to the principles that have made other groups successful, leading us to believe your group will have similar success.  Dependent upon the intent and goal of the affinity group, elements can be designed specifically for you.

As part of our Affinity Groups, we now offer the Rare Leader Forum™ which provides a focus on the elements of the Rare Leader™, in a group coaching setting.

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