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Help Me…I’m Stuck!

When I introduce myself, telling the inquisitive person in front of me Why I do, they always have a follow up question.  When I tell them my “Why”, my answer to their “What do you do” question was actually purposefully intended.  Rather than focus on What I do, I would rather switch the emphasis to…

When Changing Senior Leadership Becomes Personal

The Challenge: Evaluating, or considering changes with Senior Leadership can be a considerable challenge.  Many times this executive has become more than a coworker. When leading together in times of both war and peace, a bond develops with deep emotional ties.  Sometimes, this leader had been hand-picked, mentored, and championed throughout the organization by you….

Vision…Putting it to work

Looking back on these past four weeks and our discussions of Vision.  What have we learned?  Here’s a sample of what we found… Vision is your clear, inspired picture, creating a passionate, committed journey to discover what can happen. Isolate what you see. What trends  and data support you? Allow your vision to inspire you,…