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I Need A Pedicure

I find it interesting how everyone Uses the end of the year for review and planning. It’s on everyone’s mind, the year-end review, goal-setting for next year, tweaking the strategic plan, and counting up every one of those sales credits. With all this focus on reviewing planning and the rush to year-end, I looked up…

Committed to Achieve?

When I initially meet with my coaching clients, we complete an initial assessment.  Part of the assessment helps begin to uncover core issues for our future work together.  New clients  usually take great care to explain who they are.  However, because we have not yet built the trust required in a coaching relationship, these new…


Vision.   A behavior and characteristic of a Rare Leader™ With all the focus and talk of the new year and a new decade, I thought it appropriate to begin this study looking into the characteristics and behaviors of leaders who possess Vision. “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing…