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That Danged Glass

I was golfing this past weekend with old friends.  We’ve golfed together Saturday mornings for 30 years, and we know each-other well enough so there is a good blend of kidding each-other, as well as digging a bit deeper into more personal issues in front of us. I was not having a particularly great day…

It’s still about Fear and Greed

On October 19th 1987, all the hopes and dreams that had been built into a steadily growing investment account for many, was dashed in one dark sullen day with the largest one-day percentage decline in recorded stock market history.  Like the market decline of the recession in the late 2000’s, many of the younger investors…

Look Before You Leap

“I’m Decisive.  I own this company and I am expected to make decisions.”  Is this you?   Or does this sound familiar?  “You spend so much time trying to figure out what to do, that nothing gets done.  I didn’t hire you to sit around and do nothing”. Jack was stunned as he listened to…