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Finding Your Next Leader | Ovation Leadership

Finding Your Next Leader

In our efforts to help our clients succeed, we also assist them in locating one of their next great leaders. We would be excited to share your career opportunity with our network of professionals.  We can engage in your Leadership Search in a variety of ways.

  • Retained Search – This is the more typical relationship we share.  We are unique in our approach, and therefore unique in our high success rate!

First, we will work with your existing Leadership Team to determine the most appropriate behaviors and professional background required for a successful match.  The ability to fit into your culture and integrate within your Team is the highest priority.  We go beyond matching knowledge, skills, abilities, education and experience.

Secondly, We conduct an (optional) Team Transition Assimilation.  Gathering information from the vacated leaders team is vital to help us know what will make a new leader successful.  Providing an opportunity for Team members to learn about the transition, and the new rules of engagement are also important.  When the new leader is selected, we re-convene the Team, to begin the orientation and on boarding process.

Third, we engage in a carefully designed search matching the style that you would like to be known and respected for within the employment market.  We act as an extension of you and your mission, vision, and culture.

Next, we assist you in determining a final slate of candidates, applying the proper assessment, evaluation tools and methods.

The Final Step includes negotiating the “on board package” and designing the transition steps and communications.

An Optional Phase includes transitional coaching for the new Leader and selected Team members to ensure successful integration.

  • Contingent Search – Presenting a specific candidate.We can represent you on a targeted search to locate a specific candidate you seek as part of a larger scale recruiting effort you are hosting.We may also contact you when we seek to introduce a certified candidate from our Career Coaching program.

Sharing Your Success

We believe you will respect our unique approach to both our retained and contingent search programs.  We would be happy to discuss a program tailored specifically for you.  We offer generous discounts off our competitive pricing to existing clients.