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INSOMNIA | Ovation Leadership


Early in my work as an Executive Coach, or Strategic Business Advisor, I would be asked regularly, “what do you do”?  So in response, I would answer with a variety of “What I do” scenarios.  I realized form the (lack of) reaction from my audience that there was very little “wow”, or Ahhhhha! showing a connection of interest.

I found part of the answer in the Golden Circles made famous by Simon Sinek.  The “What” answers were on the outside of the 3 circles.  Occasionally I could generate enough interest to get to the “How” I do it, but the conversation would then typically digress to another topic.

But then I discovered the “WHY” in my work with Leaders.

One of my first Coaching clients was a company President.  We had very engaging conversations, and I had helped him with some deeper issues that had plagued him for several years.  I was approached by he and his wife at a community street festival on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  When he introduced me to his wife, she became very excited and gave me a big hug, saying “I’ve so wanted to meet you and thank you”.  Thank me…for what, I asked.

She proceeded to tell me of his sleepless nights.  Waking in the middle of the night, writing on that dang yellow pad, and even sending e-mails and voice mails to his team at 2:00 am or even later.  She felt sorry for those team members but also was frustrated by the lack of her own quality sleep because of her husbands INSOMNIA.   As he smiled approvingly at me, she went on, saying that several months ago, she realized he was not waking in the middle of the night.  When she quizzed him on what he was doing differently, all he would say is “It’s about my conversations with Steve Riege”.  She looked at me and said, “I don’t really need to know what you are talking about, except I am so thankful that he sleeps through the night”

There, from this wonderful testimonial I had my “WHY”.  Business Leaders seek me out to help them sleep through the night.  When my audience asked what we discuss, I now reply with a smile confidently, but confidentially, “what ever keeps them awake”.

That is “Why” I am an Executive Coach and Strategic Business Advisor.

As a Leader, what plagues you?  Are you the occasional “episodic” victim of sleeplessness because of a bad day, or fearing the inevitable tomorrow?  Do you experience cyclic times of “short-term” sleeplessness during highs and lows of your business activity?  Perhaps you experience long lasting, never ending “Chronic” difficulties with no cure in sight?

Either way, the symptoms of INSOMNIA are real for you, and impact your health, your performance, and your path to success, not to mention how you impact the lives of those around you.

Please click and complete this brief survey.  The results from you and many others will help us prepare to help our Leaders, and perhaps you, to sleep through the night.


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